Who are DM Media Solutions?

We are your Marketing & Design experts, providing you with Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Graphic Design solutions.

Our Ethos

DM Media Solutions isn’t just another Web Design & Marketing Agency, we are in the business of matchmaking! We believe in connecting people with local businesses and services that simply make their life better! As such, we pride ourselves in only working with the best businesses and service providers that truly value their community of loyal customers. 

However, we know finding the right customers can be difficult and that’s why your growth is our top priority. After all, your success is our success and without happy clients we wouldn’t have a business. In order to ensure we’re delivering the best experience possible to both to our clients and yours, we’ve created a proprietary lead generation strategy that has helped our clients bring in hundreds of customers, and not just any customer, but the right customer. 

Our Digital Marketing strategy is the result of 38+ years of cumulative experience in customer acquisition, growth, and lead generation. We’re not marketing and design generalists, we’re highly skilled specialists.

Meet Our Team

Our highly skilled team comes from an array of backgrounds. With a cumulative experience of 38+ years in the industry, and having helped generate serious results from customer acquisition strategies, we place a lot of value and trust in them and we know you will too. Our team is led by our two managing partners, David and Manu.


Manuel Oromith

Managing Partner, Web & Graphic Design Lead

Manu created his first website when he was thirteen, and since then it has grown into a passion and he has been continuously learning and improving his skills. His role at DM Media Solutions includes website design and development, graphic design, illustration, and programming. He is also responsible for the overall development of the business and team management. 

Manu is a qualified website developer with more than 10 years of experience, and in recent years through DM Media Solutions he has designed and developed more than 100 websites. He has a keen eye for beautiful design and is enthusiastic about ensuring the websites he develops are user-friendly and intuitive to use. 

He loves nature, gardening, and photography. In his free time, Manu takes care of his veggie patch, goes hiking or makes things out of wood. He is vegan and loves to experiment with food. Manu also runs a hot tub dealership selling award-winning hot tubs in Wales and an indie developer company.


David E Oromith

Managing Partner, Digital Marketing Lead

His role at DM Media Solutions includes marketing strategy, lead generation, social media marketing, and PPC advertising. He is also responsible for the overall development of the business and team management. 

David is an experienced Social Media Marketer & Web Designer who won his first marketing contract in high school. Over 10 years later, he has a demonstrated history of working with businesses and nonprofits with their digital marketing campaigns in industries like health & wellness, architecture, and coaching.

David is a Buddhist Contemplative and spends his free time working on his own practice and introducing people to meditation & Buddhism. He also enjoys hiking, reading, and being out in nature.

Our Services


Swansea, Wales