6 Imaginative Ideas for Your Facebook Live Events

In 2016, Facebook launched Facebook Live on their system. In the past year, the amount of time individuals have spent enjoying Facebook Live has actually quadrupled! Now, one in five videos on Facebook is on Facebook Live.

As we entered 2020, it seemed the initial live streaming frenzy on Facebook had actually started to die down. Yet today, with remote working and social distancing, live digital events are the norm. And what does this mean? Facebook Live is having its moment in the spotlight once again.

In fact, Facebook says the number of individuals watching real-time streams has actually increased by 50% since January. This leaves numerous marketing professionals once more asking: Should I go live?

The solution will certainly depend on your brand, goals, and resources. However, for many marketing experts, doing a Facebook Live goes to the top of their order of business. For starters, video clip consumption isn’t slowing down – on Facebook as well as Instagram, people engage with video content 5X longer than static content.

Live videos are eye-catching, especially when the target market obtains a push notification. Plus, live video clips provide a unique chance to build confidence and a connection through interactive, two-way conversations.

The immediate, natural, and interactive experience of a live stream is a no-brainer for many online marketers. However, it is essential to keep in mind that not every method is appropriate for every brand.

Going live can be daunting, and there are many things that can deter numerous online marketers from taking the dive – for some, they may not decide to go online because of time, talent, marketing approach, resources, and more.

So, does Facebook Live match your strategy? Consider these points: Why are you creating Facebook Live? Do you have resources? Do you have the time? Does your target audience engage with Facebook Lives? Can you repurpose the real-time video material elsewhere?

Live streams are simple to establish. All you require to “Go Live” is a mobile phone as well as some imaginative concepts. But, you want your Facebook Live to be effective and so it’s worth exploring ideas first. Do you need some inspiration to take the plunge?

Here, we explore some imaginative Facebook Live ideas, as well as best practices to take your Live video to the next level.

6 Imaginative Ideas for Your Facebook Live Events

1. Provide a ‘how-to’ video or showcase your course or program

One of the most useful things you can do for your audience on social networks is to educate them on how to do something. Free, real-time educational programming is a terrific way to place your brand as a thought leader. It additionally gives your audience an extra understanding of your product and/or services.

By going live, you’re adding an extra degree of authenticity and also a link. As an example, you could tell readers they can send concerns in real-time, and also they can enjoy their concerns being responded to on-the-fly. The online Q&A format might also help visitors to feel much more involved than they would with a pre-recorded video clip.

Additionally, you can conserve and also publish your real-time videos for customers to enjoy after-the-fact. This allows you to reach a larger audience than you can simply through live.

2. Host a weekly gathering or support group

Take some time to talk about topics your audience cares about at a weekly gathering or support group. Some of one of the most preferred on Facebook currently include Red Table Talk, STEVE on Watch, and a lot more.

During a livestream gathering, the individuals could field audience questions, offer a viewpoint on sector news, or captivate the audience. Naturally, a real-time gathering will certainly take some extra work to set up than others. However, like a TV show, it can come to be the material that your target market tunes into regularly.

3. Show your audience what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Give your target market a special look at what occurs behind-the-scenes of your brand. Your target market will certainly have a much deeper connection to a service or product if they know the process of what goes on behind the scenes. 

Consider what you can share that would be interesting or engaging for your target market to understand. This tactic is especially effective for brand names that pride themselves on transparency.

The Facebook Live video offers customers the opportunity to grow their bond with a brand, specifically since the video clip isn’t particularly edited or refined, rather it shows an extra authentic side.

4. Go live in a Facebook Group.

There are over 10M+ groups on Facebook, with 1.4 B people utilising them on a monthly basis. Consider joining a group for a unique conversation with your community. Groups are often smaller and also even more specific niche than firm pages, so it’s likely the target market is focussed on a topic. Think about keeping this style of Live video really casual. You could set a conversation subject each week for the target market to ask concerns about. Or, ask your group what they would like to discuss and program around their passions.

5. Host a Q&A with an expert or an influencer.

Access to experts in-person is challenging, even before physical distancing. Host a Q&A with an influencer or leading thinker in your niche, or even provide your target market with access to your companies’ most experienced employees/partners.

During the real-time Livestream, the expert or influencer can answer questions on the fly, or you could consider fielding questions from various other social networks and also promote a freer and more relaxed show.

6. Host an exclusive product launch or post-launch awareness session

Intend to make an impact with your next product launch? Consider launching it on Facebook Live! This tactic provides your audience with a motivation to listen.

You might take into consideration launching your product across multiple networks by providing additional live streams on Youtube or Instagram for example. Then, during the live stream, you can offer the target market an initial preview of the product at work.

Ideal Practices for Facebook Live

When you have your ideas established, there are ‘best practices’ to remember. Below are some ideas for prior to, during, and also after you go live. 

Before You Go Live

Prior to your live stream, encourage your audience to tune-in. Do this by notifying them through social media messages and Stories.

In your marketing web content, resource questions from target market participants. This will help you ensure that the content you generate is ready but also of value. Next, make sure you have access to a tripod or prop your phone up against something. Check your internet connection as well and get ready to begin the show!

Pro-tip: Compose an engaging description of your online video clip in advance. This way there are no punctuation or grammar mistakes as you type it in quickly when you start!

During Your Live Stream

At the beginning of your Facebook Live, be certain to build-in time to allow your audience to tune in. If you are filming on a phone, get the most exceptional quality achievable and lock in the focus as well as exposure.

Some live stream principles require the talent to move away from the phone. In that case, think about acquiring a wireless microphone that links to your phone.

Once you’re live, make it conversational! Urge your target market to take part – you can react to and/or pin follower comments. Get more direct exposure by sharing the live stream in Groups or Pages you are a part of.

In addition, although your target market isn’t there physically, try to make direct eye contact. Take a look at the lens and make a connection with the cam. When it comes to making use of songs in a real-time stream you need to have the legal rights to it. Using business songs without legal rights can be premises for removal of your live stream. Attempt making use of music from the Audio Collection within Facebook’s Developer Tools.

Facebook advises going live for, at the very least, 15 minutes or longer. Bear in mind, the time limit for a session making use of the Facebook mobile app is four hours.

After the Live Stream

After the Facebook Live is complete, save the online video clip to your video camera roll.  A great way to repurpose this content is to share it in your Feed, Stories, and also even on IGTV. Repurposing a real-time video clip into supporting social platforms can be even much more gratifying.

Why go live on Facebook? It’s a unique opportunity to help construct brand name awareness. The real-time, two-way conversations that take place on online also support developing connections with your audience.

There are so many alternatives for online streaming so get innovative! And do not forget to repurpose online videos throughout social networks. Adding value for your fans and followers in real time has never ever been easier.

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