Strategies to Increase Engagement on Instagram

If you’ve landed here on this article, then you are probably one of the 500 million people that utilise Instagram every day.

If you are trying to increase your engagement on Instagram, then you are competing against 75% of the rest of the businesses that are trying to do the same thing.

It can be annoying when you produce some amazing content or post beautiful images just to receive a couple of likes and reduced engagement, the majority of which are arbitrarily produced by your over-enthusiastic hashtags and not from genuine sources.

So then, what is the answer? Here, we share with you five strategies that you can carry out TODAY to begin constructing a stronger following and boosting your Instagram engagement.

1. Conduct market research and study your audience

It is important to effectively look into the type of content your target market wishes to see, regularly responds to, and to investigate exactly how you can provide this content purposefully so that your audience is more likely to engage.

This means you need to take time to actually engage your followers rather than simply share content thoughtlessly or publish for the sake of it. You will quickly recognise that there is an optimum approach to sharing content on Instagram that works uniquely for your brand.

A beneficial tip for understanding your target market is to create customer personas – develop fictional identities of your ideal customer, their habits, individualities, education, career, and also interests. What makes your target market annoyed, what makes them delighted, and why, and when are they browsing Instagram?

Many of these responses can be understood as well as acted upon merely by jotting down a few thoughts on paper. Ask a couple of people their ideas, test out some material, as well as take note of the data and response. Think of some obstacles and offer solutions.

For instance, if you are an architect, it might be a great idea to demonstrate or educate on the process of doing a house extension – from the design workshop to planning permissions, right to the point of project completion. Survey your target market on designs, ask them questions about their issues around budgeting, process or timescales, run a contest or offer a gift to incentivise them to engage with your profile.

Chipotle is a fantastic example of an organisation that has thoughtfully developed a strategy which offers their audience what they want to see – simply, memes and pictures of burritos! Followers understand what they are going to see and what to expect from this brand.

2. Engage with other users and influencers

Sharing content and hoping someone will engage is like talking at a group of people, while not taking notice of what they have to say in return. It appears a little narrow.

It is important when you are developing your content to be energetic and flexible on Instagram. Look for material from other user profiles that are useful to you, and begin discussions and start engaging.

Search hashtags that are relevant to you and also your business or passions and respond to the material with your own input as well as suggestions (a lot more on this in tip # 3 below).

One more reason you ought to communicate with other users on Instagram is to become inspired. Probably, you will see what competitors are doing or what various other individuals are uploading that is attracting lots of interaction and engagement. Take note of what are they doing to get that interaction and additionally, what are they missing that you could offer yourself a competitive advantage?

Take some time each day to use the platform for your own interaction and to also study and analyse. It is remarkable what you can gauge from making use of the platform in the way in which you desire your audience.

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3. Use keywords and hashtags

Hashtags have quickly come to be an Instagram function that everyone utilises somewhat ineffectively to enhance and boost their social networks presence.

Look for hashtags and search phrases and keywords that matter and which are associated with your market, particular niche, and business audience.

When you locate other posts, ‘like’ or comment on them, sharing your interest as well as your very own beneficial guidance on the motif or subject. In this way, you will already be engaging with various other organisations and users, as well as their followers, and catching their attention.

You can likewise look for the city, town, or area that you operate in and engage with local organisations and users by doing this also.

4. Making the most of insights and data

Every service ought to have a Business Profile on Instagram. You will certainly want to do that if you have yet to make the switch from Personal to Business.

A Business profile provides you with insights as well as analytics that will help you find out about message efficiency, reach, interaction, and so on.

Take a look back at your previous posts, particularly the ones that had the most engagement, reach, profile views, as well as followers.

Pay attention to the sort of posts that work and tailor your content as necessary. As an example, if the post was offering a point of view, or asking a question, or disclosing some key information, you may want to structure similar content to test the target market further.

You can actively utilise analytics tools via Instagram that will successfully provide you with the details you require, such as the place as well as time-zone, to comprehend when and also how your target market is more likely to engage.

As an example, if your fans are British and engage in the evenings, then you will certainly intend to upload when it is appropriate for them, not when it is appropriate for you (plan your blog posts with a tool such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite if this is the case).

5. Develop high-quality content

You are much more likely to see quality interaction from your fans if you are producing top quality content that you have spent effort into building and investigating.

If you do not place any kind of initiative into the posts you share and create, then you will likely not see any effort from your followers.

It is not just the content that needs to be high-quality; your photos, colours, themes, along with the format of your Instagram profile all contribute to the authenticity of your business.

Because of its simplicity as well as the platform’s complex formulas, Instagram Stories gain even more views than newsfeed posts. Instagram Stories provide the capability to engage your audience through surveys, questions, and more. You can drive attention to your posts by using your Instagram Stories to feature your content and encourage followers to go to your account and like or comment.

You can share a post to your Story by clicking the paper aircraft sign under it and clicking “Add post to your Story”


The best part about Instagram is that it is a reliable and easy tool used to communicate with your audience and develop solid connections with your potential customers as well as current customers.

Unlike generations before us, our target audience is right here at our fingertips. If there is something you wish to know about your target market, reach out and ask them – poll them, ask questions, ask for comments.

You will be surprised at the straightforward responses you will receive and it is an exceptional method to engage your target market as well as show that you care.

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