BlueFish Hot Tubs are a Welsh Hot Tub and Swim Spa dealer, offering award-winning hot tubs at competitive prices to homes across Wales. When Bluefish was first created in 2021 by David and Manu they had big goals and even bigger tasks ahead of them. They wanted Bluefish to become one of the top online hot tub suppliers in Wales and maybe even the UK. The good news was that Bluefish wasn’t going to be in this alone. After partnering with Spacare UK, Bluefish started supplying some of the industry’s finest and most luxurious hot tubs. 

Because David and Manu were building this online website from scratch, it needed to be built from the ground up. This included creating a custom design for the whole website for the colour theme, website functions, layout, and much more. So David and Manu began brainstorming ideas and they decided on a blue-orange-white colour theme with blue and white buttons for actions like ‘Add to basket’ or ‘explore our R18 range’.

To ensure there was a section where clients and potential clients could easily get in touch, a contact form was created so any out-of-hours inquiries or emails wouldn’t be missed. When it comes to gaining new clients this was a crucial step as questions and queries come in from potential buyers all the time. If they are missed then chances are potential clients may feel discouraged from buying.

In addition to this, David and Manu also created hot tub specifications. They carefully wrote each individual product description, created imagery, added benefits, and listed features for every product. Though it was a lot of work, this step could not be overlooked because it gave every product an enticing appearance and made them feel more appealing to hot tub buyers. 

One thing David and Manu knew was that a large percentage of buyers would rather pay a deposit and pay the rest later. So David and Manu built a deposit system to take care of all of the deposits. Anyone who wanted to use a payment plan for their hot tub could simply pay the deposit then they would automatically be invoiced for the rest later. Add ons were also created for checkout upsells so things like hot tub handrails and hot tub side tables could be bought. David and Manu knew that without including upsells and cross-sells a lot of potential revenue would be lost, luckily with the level of experience David and Manu had they cleverly included this website feature.  

Since building the website from scratch, Bluefish has gone on to successfully sell quite a number of state-of-the-art hot tubs. Bluefish is quickly growing and is on track to reach its overall goal of becoming the biggest hot tub supplier in Wales. Without all of David and Manu’s efforts, marketing skillsets, and market awareness this would not have been possible.

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