Focus with Faigy, ran by Faigy Lieberman, focuses on spreading awareness regarding ADHD as well as coach training others exclusively in the United Kingdom.  Not only does she run ADHD awareness workshops, but Faigy is also an ADHD author of three books. Faigy uses her experiences with ADHD to help and inform others; whether it’s with managing businesses, ways to help children with ADHD or even planning out your life. There isn’t only one specific area that Faigy focuses on when it comes to ADHD, which made it important for her to have a quick and reliable website that can illustrate everything that Focus with Faigy has to offer. By discovering DM Media Solutions by word of mouth, Focus with Faigy achieved the website design and marketing that she required.

Although Faigy contacted us specifically for marketing, we discovered that she could use some help with her website as it had some faults. So, she decided on a complete remake and design before we began improving the traffic of the website. This allowed us to ensure that the new website would have a user-friendly interface which her original didn’t have, as well as ensure it looked professional and not outdated.

We had a discussion involving specific requirements she had for the re-design where she mentioned having different pages for the topics, a page to showcase her books to push sales and her blog. She also requested a webinar feature so her clients can watch either live or buy previous webinars they may have missed. Due to there being no public WordPress plugin that met the webinar requirements, we coded a whole new system especially for her.

focus with faigy ipad portfolio

All of our work was done remotely using WordPress and Elementor, allowing us to create a high-quality and professional design. We ensured to include our clients requested organisation of topics along the top bar of the main page, as well as important information and engaging photos and videos to keep the user’s interest. We also included a CTA in the form of a pop-up as you enter the website and in the corner of the screen, allowing any potential clients to contact Faigy in an instant.

Regarding the webinar feature, we coded a custom plugin where she is able to create a landing page for the course that is generated automatically, and connects to a WooCommerce product so the customer is able to pay for it online. The system will also check if the customer has bought the webinar or not and will allow access to the live or recorded webinar. To ensure Faigy was comfortable with this system, we created a tutorial video which illustrated the various features included such as pricing, durations, preferred platforming etc.

After the re-design we still continue to work with Faigy to manage both of her websites, Focus with Faigy and Organise Pro, as we helped design both of them and allow her to continue to use our domain and web hosting. 

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Project Details

Focus with Faigy's Previous Website

focus with faigy old website

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