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Forno a Legna is an Italian pizzeria that is in a lovely little area in Ronda (Málaga) in Spain. Forno a Legna makes the most amazing homemade pizza’s freshly cooked in a traditional woodfire oven. Omar is one of the highly trained on hand pizza chefs, and his passion for the art of pizza making allows him to make delicious pizzas that customers love. Ever since they started many years ago, il Forno a Legna has had a passion for both preparing the perfect pizza and providing friendly customer service for their restaurant and customers.

Forno a Legna made it crystal clear that their number one goal was to get more customers, so we decided to come up with a marketing strategy for them. This strategy would involve getting as many customers as possible, using methods that we knew would be effective. One of these strategies was to use flyers to promote their Italian restaurant and all of the fine dishes that they had to offer. To get this restaurant more bums on seats and to make the flyer strategy worthwhile, we knew that we had to make the flyers as amazing as they could be.

After all, it costs, time, energy and money to create these flyers so Forno a Legna placed a lot of trust in DM Media Solutions and we saw it as our responsibility to deliver them nothing short of amazing results. Using the marketing strategy that we created for Forno a Legna we knew that they needed flyer and menu designs. Specifically creating a flyer for giving out to offices, an exterior restaurant menu for walkers, a cardboard fan, an allergen list for clients, flyers for hotel guests, a poster section for the local football team, and on the most important, a takeaway menu.

Restaurant Flyers For Offices

With so many amazing flyers to create, we got to work. The first thing we did was look at the flyers for giving out to offices, we knew that this was going to be a key focus because a lot of Forno a Legna’s potential customers come from offices. So we made a fun yet very appetising looking flyer. The flyer head a short yet appealing headline and underneath two delicious-looking pizza dishes.

We also included some contact information for Forno a Legna and even a fun map showing exactly where the restaurant is situated without being overly technical. Another great thing we added was a QR code, to give customers the option to look up the menu on their phones and order. Lastly, we had a playful little cartoon showing a pizza waving while on a moped to show that delivery was available, this was a really nice touch that customers ended up loving!


The External Menu

Next, we knew that because of the amazing location a lot of customers would walk past the restaurant and look in, but they needed to know what was on offer. So we created an exterior menu showcasing all the incredible dishes the restaurant offered. This was a big opportunity to get a lot of customers interested, so we needed to make this exterior menu special. We started with a clear vintage background, then we added the restaurant logo in the top corner, the logo was a nice fiery red, with some yellow and then the restaurant’s name in bold black letters. This combination really helped the restaurant logo to stand out. To the right of the logo, we had cartoon pictures of different kinds of pasta and what they looked like so customers could clearly see what they were ordering.

We also had professional images of the chef preparing spaghetti on the left side and we showcased some of their brilliant dishes underneath this. The dishes included steaks, pasta and salads all beautifully presented, each of these pictures were taken by DM Media Solutions and we specifically choose them because of how amazing they made the restaurant look. Below this we had icons showing that an app for the restaurant was available on app stores via both google and apple, we also added the QR code for the customer’s convenience. On the other side of this menu, we had a section on pizzas including pictures of some of the best pizzas that were on offer. Once again, each one of these images was taken and chosen by DM Media Solutions.

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il forno exterior v2 pasta

Cardboard Fan For A Fair And The Allergen List

When Forno a Legna told us they needed a cardboard fan for a local fair, we used some of the other successful designs we had created to design the cardboard fan. The design mainly consisted of a picture of the chef making pasta that we had taken and images showing a few of their best dishes images. We also included some easy and convenient contact information in case customers wanted to dine in the restaurant or check their dishes out online. Another thing we designed for them was the list of allergens for their customers, we went through each allergen and detailed exactly what it was. We kept this section pretty straightforward and easy to follow.


Restaurant Flyers For Hotel Guests

One of the other things we worked on was getting new customers who were visiting hotels. We knew that hotels were always flooded with people looking for places to dine in, so if we could create a design that made them want to come to the restaurant this meant a lot more business. For the hotel, we made a small flyer that mentioned the restaurant’s location, ways to contact the restaurant and pictures showing some of the best dishes the restaurant had.

The flyer also offered 20% off which gave new customers an incentive to come and dine in the restaurant, giving them leverage against competitors. The other side of the flyer showed the fiery red and yellow logo to draw attention, plus ways to get in contact via social media and website information. The flyer itself was a clear vintage colour just like most of the other flyers were and again this allowed images and writing to stand out on the flyer.

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A Restaurant Flyer For The Local Football Team

Another way DM Media helped Forno a Legna get more customers was by creating a section promoting the restaurant on a flyer for the local football team. This section was actually part of the local football teams flyer however we made sure it packed a punch and caught attention. The section showed the amazing Forno a Legna logo, contact information including website, location and the phone number and it also showed one of their mouth-watering dishes. There were other competitors on the flyer, so we were sure to include some of the amazing photos we took of their pizza’s.

The Takeaway Menu

Lastly, we created the takeaway menu. This was something that a lot of people were going to be seeing because it was one of the most popular flyers we were handing out. So we spent a lot of time on this. For the design, we decided that a fold-out menu would be the best way to show all of the amazing dishes Forno a Legna offered. On the front section of the menu, we added the restaurant logo with faded Italian flag colours behind it, which really helped the logo look a lot more eye-catching. Directly below this, we included a picture we had previously taken of one of the restaurant’s amazing pizzas, again this was chosen by DM Media because of its appeal.

On another side of the menu, we showed pictures of chefs making dishes while having some fun to show a friendly side to the restaurant. Below that, we added two more pictures of the restaurant’s beautiful dishes. Underneath that, we had Forno a Legna’s social media contact information, as well as a map of the restaurant location. On the back of the fold-out menu, we showed images of phones showing the restaurant location and some of their dishes.

These images were used to promote the Forno a Legna app and we also included the google play and the apple app store logos to show that they had Forno a Legna app ready for download. In terms of the menu, we went for a clear vintage background colour. Again this helped make the dishes and their descriptions catch the eye of customers. The names of the dishes were a bold black colour and the dish description was a lighter black colour which helped the dishes name to stand out.

Since creating the flyers and menus for Forno a Lenga, the restaurant has been very busy. People are coming in having seen the different flyers and menus, which is good news because the one major thing Forno a Legna asked for was more customers. From DM Media Solutions point of view, we very much enjoyed helping Forno a Legna, and we are thrilled that our marketing has helped them gain more customers and ultimately increase the revenue for their business! We continue to have a close relationship with Forno a Legna and dine in their restaurant trying their stunning dishes.


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Photoshoot for Il Forno a Legna

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