Gravity Chairs, based in County Durham, is a company that will bring relaxation and comfort into your life. They are renowned as the only therapy and full body massage chairs, specifically for sports, within the UK – even around the globe. The company was originally making these unique chairs for athletes and sports professionals, but they adapted to widen their audience into sports and fitness venues around the UK. Mick and Jonathan, the owners of this business, required a website that showcased all their amazing products, and after discovering DM Media Solutions, the creation of their website began.

In September 2019, we had a consultation with both Mick and Jonathan to discuss what their ideas were for their website. They stated that they wanted to showcase their products and the utility of this to be placed in different sectors – For professionals; sports venues, hotels, salons, etc. Consumers; sports & fitness, medical and well-being, relaxation, etc. Mick and Jonathan informed us that one of the most important features that they wanted was for us to make a 360° of the main product. We made some notes of everything our clients required for their website and began our work straight away.

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For this project we worked remotely and given complete freedom to design the website from scratch. We decided to use WordPress with the Avada theme as we believed it would be a good match for the products. For the Home Page we created a CTA to draw in more customers for our clients, informing any potential customers they’re able to book a free demonstration with a high-quality image of one of their popular products. We also ensured that the 360° of the main product was placed directly beneath this, with the ability to alter the rotation of the chair and zoom in – allowing people to fully admire this incredible chair.
On each page we made a footer including all the important information that a customer would need, such as contact information and quick links – so the customer will always have the option to contact our clients at all times. We also included a footer with a variety of drop-down lists to separate the products into different sectors, specifically for professionals and consumers, with the ability to purchase one of their comfortable and relaxing chairs directly from the website.

Since the creation of the website, Mick and Jonothan have been pleased with the outcome and choices we made for the design. They are continuing to use DM Media Solutions’ hosting and domain services years after the website has been built.

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Project Details

  Gravity Chairs' Website

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