It’s very important for public schools to have an up-to-date website to inform their students and parents about vital information regarding the school. Juan Manuel was aware of this and discovered that a previous student of IES Martin Rivero, Manu, ran a business in web design – DM Media Solutions was hired in August 2019 by the marketing and design business created by one of the students to re-design their old-non-responsive website.

During the consultation we discussed the requirements of the website and if they wanted to keep any features of their old design. The main purpose of their website was to provide as enough information as possible regarding classes, services, the center, the community etc, for both the parents and students. Aside from this, they made two requests, one being a calendar to showcase upcoming events as well as a specific area for each subject. The second was to design the website using WordPress with the Avada theme as they bought it previously. We also decided that a visit to the school would be beneficial for the website, as we could take high-quality photos to include, of the buildings, teachers and students. It was rather reminiscent for Manu working for IES Martin Rivero, as he had the opportunity to visit his old high school and experience all the new changes, as well as share many stories of his time learning there with David and Juan. All in all, we had gathered enough information to begin our work on the re-design and began instantly.

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We started the re-design as requested, using WordPress with the Avada theme. The home page contains a couple of drop-down lists for easy navigation for any students, parents or teachers to find what they’re looking for – which will remain on every page for quick and easy access. Within the header and footer, we’ve ensured to keep vital information such as contact information, opening hours and important links. This way any parent or child is able to contact the school easily without having to traverse through any unnecessary pages.
For the complementary and extracurricular activities, we created the calendar so all users of the website are able to access all the information needed for the activities. There’s also an option to check these weekly and monthly and the option to print out the calendar.
The team then took a day away from the computer screens and visited the center during a school day, where we could take in the beauty of the surroundings and discover what would be good to include in the website. Spending a couple of hours at IES Martin Rivero was a lovely break from the re-design, which gave us the opportunity to explore the high school and interact with the children and teachers that were participating in the images. We took multiple photographs of the buildings, the students during class, and the teachers to use for the website – giving us a variety of options to choose from as we continued with the re-design.

After we completed the re-design, ensuring the whole website ran efficiently, IES Martin Rivero decided to maintain and update the website themselves, with the help of the future students and learners – thus possibly altering the final design which we left them with. Nonetheless, our experience with working with IES Martin Rivero brought back a lot of memories and an enjoyable job.

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Project Details

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