In Ronda, south of Spain, we decided to go for dinner at one of our favourite pizzeria’s II Forno a Legna, run by Omar. Some would say we visited the pizzeria a bit too often, but not us. Omar’s mouth-watering pizzas are unmatched! Although we’re miles away from them they still have a special place in our hearts. We became friendly with Omar through our various visits and explained what we did for work – after he witnessed our previous works, he immediately requested that we design a new website for the pizzeria. With a piece of delicious pizza in one hand, we happily agreed.

During our consultation with Omar, we discussed the requirements of his new website; anything he’d like to include or remove. Omar expressed his desire for his website to be multilingual, in Spanish and English as it would help him expand his business a bit more. He also liked the idea of having an interactive menu rather than a static image – as it makes the website more user-friendly and it would work better with smartphones as well as computers. We gathered our notes and a take-away pizza and got straight to work.

We were given complete freedom to design the website, keeping Omar’s specific pointers in mind as we did so. We set up a feature where customers were able to make a table reservation easily without having to call the restaurant. There is also a section on the website that allows customers to order takeaway directly, altering the wait time for customers’ orders when they arrive. Aside from these features, we visited the pizzeria to take a couple of photographs and videos of Omar’s work to create a complementing showcase for the home page – where he continued to treat us with his fabulous food as we worked.

resterant mock up

The delight radiated off his face as we showed Omar his completed website. He was so happy with our work that he then decided on creating a smartphone app for his restaurant, and wanted our help with it. We instantly agreed – this meant more time working with an incredible client and more visits to the pizzeria for ‘work’.
As we worked on the smartphone app (Available on the app store and google play), we decided on linking both the website and the app together. We set up the table reservation feature on the app, so Omar was able to manage everything in one single place as everything synchronized quickly and easily. This was also the case regarding the takeaway orders, allowing Omar to have all the information he needed directly through his phone/tablet.
Once again, Omar was over the moon with the work we had produced for him, adoring the systems we set up regarding the app. So impressed in fact, that he wanted to continue working with us! For the third time, we were asked to work on something different for Omar, this time re-designing his menu, and without a hint of hesitation we agreed – we welcomed more pizza into our life!

After we completed everything that Omar required from us and stuffed our stomachs full of his incredible pizza, he was ecstatic with the whole outcome. He continues to use our domain and hosting services, and continues to keep in contact with us whenever he needs some updates or maintenance on his website or app.
We hope to visit II Forno a Legna again when we visit Spain once more. To see both our client and friend Omar, and work our way through his delicious menu – maybe this time there’ll be a vegan option!

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Project Details

  Il Forno a Legna's Website

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