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Forno a Legna is an Italian pizzeria that sits in a beautiful location in Ronda (Málaga) in Spain. The restaurant specializes in delicious in-house pizza’s made in a traditional woodfire oven. The pizza is freshly made by Omar, highly trained on hand pizza chefs, each pizza is made with passion and delicate care for their raving customers. Ever since they started many years ago, il Forno a Legna has had a passion for making amazing food and providing amazing customer service which has kept customers trickling into the restaurant.

We really love their food, so much we had to work together somehow! So we spoke with them about what kind of marketing they needed, and it turned out that they wanted to create a poster that would market them in an amazing way and take them from ‘kind of busy’ to ‘non-stop busy’. Just like the website portfolios that we have, we knew that the poster had to really catch the eye of customers and let them know that this Italian restaurant was one of the best in town!

To do this we really had to get a good idea of what kind of marketing Forno a Legna needed. This is why we talked on a regular basis to Omar, the owner of Il Forno a Legna. For us to do a great job on their marketing we needed to know two things. One, how Forno a Legna wanted to present themselves. Two, what would attract their target customers. Once we had a better idea of what everybody wanted, then we could begin to work on the core marketing which was creating the poster, among other things, like their brand new menu, flyers and a beautiful website.

il forno exterior v2 pasta
il forno exterior v2

For the poster, we went for a more simplistic style, something that captured what the pizza restaurant was about. For this we had an image with a professional look to it which was two restaurant chefs standing together in their chef’s uniforms, this added a lot of credibility and showed that they ran a professional restaurant. The image took up the majority of the poster so this was definitely a key point we wanted to focus on. Below this image, we had a white crisp background which helped to make the writing and logo stand out that little bit more.

Against the white background, we inserted Forno a Legna’s logo, it is a fiery orange-red logo that really catches the eye with the clear crisp white background behind it. Just underneath this, we had a few images showing some of their best dishes. The images were chosen because of their appeal as they looked particularly appetising which can heavily attract customers.

One really important thing about creating the marketing for this poster was getting perfect images. The reason for this is because the images are the first thing customers see when they look at the poster. So to get the perfect marketing photo’s we went into the restaurant and had Forno a Legna make some of their best meals. Then, we photographed and took videos of the meals from flattering angles. From DM Media’s years of marketing experience, we were able to tell which photos would work best for attracting customers. So we took the best photos from great angles and used these in the poster. Lastly, we added a description talking about the location of the gelato shop and what treats they offer.

There is also another business that the owner of Forno a Legna owns, and it is a gelato shop. Situated in a not-so-far but amazing location, it sells the finest artisanal ice cream, milkshakes, coffees and much more. The owner wished to have more customers coming to the gelato shop as well as the Italian restaurant. So within the poster, we included a section talking about it. This section was directly below the promotion for the Italian restaurant and it showcased some of the best artisanal ice creams on offer.

Again we added in some pictures of their delicious ice creams which helped the customers to see just what was on offer. Since DM Media started working with Forno a Legna they have continued to serve amazing food. What’s more, they have continued to develop their passion for amazing pizza and gelatos which with the help of our marketing is why they have been so busy. To their delight, they enjoy working as more and more customers flood through their doors every day.

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