After a large success with their company Gravity Chairs, Mick and Jonathan decided to expand their luxurious comfort seating with JVST RELAX, where they started to sell deluxe rise and recliner suites and massage chairs. As they were pleased with their service with DM Media Solutions on their previous website, they contacted us again to create one for this business.

We had a consultation where Mick and Jonathan informed us that they wanted a basic website with a clear design, that was within an affordable budget. We were granted complete freedom with the entire website without any special features to add – we thought of various designs we could work with, and decided to have the website reflect how high-class and luxurious the products were, and following this decision we got to work.

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We completed all the work remotely. We took everything Mick and Jonathan wanted into account and decided on a very simple colour scheme of white and dark gold – giving the website a sense of richness that was complemented by the limited information and high-quality images. We chose to leave out any pop-ups for customers that first enter the site, to keep it in theme with the design, we didn’t want anything unnecessary to disrupt the classy minimalism.
Aside from the design, we inputted a system that allows the potential clients to purchase one of their chairs directly from the website, with the option to also contact them if they have any questions – including all their contact and important information in the footer, as well as having a drop-down list in the footer leading them to a contact page.

Since we’ve completed the site, Mick and Jonathan have continued to use DM Media Solutions’ hosting and domain services for this website, and are very impressed with the work we have produced for them.

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Project Details

  Jvst Relax's Website

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