Lugotex SL, located in Alcover, Spain, has been dedicated to manufacturing home textiles for businesses since 1984, with 38 years of experience and two generations. Ruben, who runs the company decided that his current website was unable to reach the standard that he required; they needed a re-design that was more polished, professional and with higher quality displays of the products. Luckily, upon searching online back in June 2018, Ruben discovered DM Media Solutions who were able to help him in manufacturing a website to fulfil his needs.

The consultation was done online where we discussed the previous website and what improvements can be made, as well as any important features Ruben wished to include. Upon review of the previous website, we discovered that it was an old Joomla website that wasn’t responsive, it didn’t have a user-friendly interface and was outdated all together. 

There were two very important features that Ruben required. As a manufacturing company for these types of products, they wanted to focus more on their target audiences which are wholesalers. This would be achievable by showcasing their products individually and hiding the prices from the public, so those who were interested must put in requests or obtain their catalogue. The other feature needed was multiple languages. As a large company, throughout the years they have collected numerous clients from across the globe, thus meaning they required a number of languages to translate the website to; which was narrowed down to 10.

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Taking everything we had discussed with Ruben into account, we began work on the re-design of the website remotely whilst using WordPress and Elementor. We created a simple yet classy website design that included large, high quality images and a complimenting colour scheme. We ensured that this new design had a user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate and presented you with the important information on each page, the contact information in the footer; as well as including a CTA when you first enter the site. The products catalogue page was separated into blocks under specific headings, illustrating each item individually as we discussed with Ruben and contains keywords that will help improve the on-site optimisation of the website, thus increasing the websites traffic. We also included a language bar which allows the user to select the language that they require, ranging from English, Spanish, German and Chinese etc.

Since the re-design we have helped Lugotex by doing more SEO work for the website which has helped them increase their traffic and queries significantly. The company continues to use our domain and web hosting, as well as allowing us to continue working with them today by managing all their online presence as well as for another project of theirs; a new online shop they created, 

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Project Details

Lugotex's Previous Website

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