What Our Client Was Struggling With

This Client is one of the biggest hot tub companies in the UK which is no surprise given their desire to be the UK’s top hot tub retailer. However, one of the biggest things that they found they wanted help with was their Marketing. During our first meeting, we recorded a long list of things they needed help with from a marketing point of view. Some of the main things they needed help with included a new website, their branding, product descriptions, automating their deposit system, and automating their hot tub hire subscription service. To say the least, we had a lot to work on.

Something important going into this project was that this Client made it crystal clear they wanted to enhance and grow their online marketing. While they already had some online success, it reached a point where our Client’s marketing was becoming expensive and going forward they wanted to be certain they were going to get a good return on their investment. They knew that with the right marketing team behind them, they could take their business to the next level. The industry had some tough competition so we knew that this Client’s marketing needed to stand out.


What We Did About It

To turn their marketing into a success we needed their website to have as much information as possible on their spas without it being too overwhelming for their clients. Considering this Client had over 100 hot tubs to choose from, we had our work cut out for us. We went through each and every one of their hundreds of products and wrote enticing descriptions to describe their best characteristics. It was important that we mentioned the main benefits of each product, yet with only a little space, the productive descriptions had to be short, benefit-driven, and attractive.

One important consideration was handling deposits because many of their customers wanted to ‘buy now, pay later.’ At the time of meeting us, they didn’t have an effective online deposit system set up, so we created a deposit system that required minimum maintenance. In addition to this, we created a subscription system for their hot tub hires. The subscription service needed to be simple and easy for clients to use, so we automated the entire subscription service for them. We also automated some of the backends of the subscription service so any overdue or outstanding payments could be chased automatically without the Client needing to do anything.

For the website, the Client needed something that was professional yet appealing to the eye so we went for a blue-white-black colour theme with a splash of orange. This colour theme worked well together and it brought a refreshing look to the website which helped build more of a consistent brand colour theme. For the more important service options for example ‘add to cart’ or payment buttons we used more orange as this caught the eye of potential clients and also made it more clear and easy to click the buttons. There was also one other thing that we needed to do to make a big difference in the Client’s business growth and this was measuring their metrics. So we started tracking their website traffic and conversions to see how the Client’s new website was performing.

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The Results They Got

As you can see from the graph above, in the first few months of working with this Client, we significantly grew their website traffic and they started to gain a lot more online interest. This was crucial because it was important to our Client that they had an attractive website and branding which was appealing to their customers. In a small amount of time, their website gained 22.7 million impressions, 141 thousand clicks, and 308 online sales which they were thrilled about. Another really important metric was their cost per conversion which was as low as £27.87, giving them a significant return on investment.

In addition to this, they also saved countless hours of their time chasing payments by using the subscription service we set up which automatically chased overdue payments. Also, this Client’s deposit system meant that more clients could place orders without having to pay everything at once, which attracted a lot of new clients. But perhaps the biggest thing DM Media Solutions helped this Client with was becoming one of the UK’s leading hot tub suppliers and they are well on their way to doing this considering the awards their hot tubs have won. For example, they have received the ‘UK Pool and Spa Supplier of the year award’ and the 2019 and 2020 awards for being ‘Energy Efficient’ plus many other accreditations. Today, we continue to work with this Client to manage their online business and help them to thrive and break new records.

Project Details

Social Media Marketing

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