Organise Pro is a professional organiser trainer program which is run by Faigy Lieberman. Faigy helps female entrepreneurs start their own professional organiser business, and teaches them to understand ADHD and executive function deficit in your organising clients. After various years of hard work and willpower, she has discovered the ADHD tools required to turn her inner critic into a friend and presented her with the opportunity to guide her clients and trainees. Faigy needed a website to publicise and represent her business at a high standard, and after finding DM Media Solutions by word of mouth she was able to get the website design that she deserved.

Originally Faigy contacted us regarding marketing, but we discovered that her previous website was very outdated and with a non-user-friendly interface; she then decided to do a complete remake of the site and re-design it all before we began to push more traffic in. Faigy informed us that she wanted to keep the website simple, by including some information about the services she provides but mainly focusing on selling her 12-week online course; The Organise Pro Inner Circle.

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We made a simple design for the website with large-high-quality images, ensuring that the theme wasn’t too loud or quiet in regards to the colour scheme. We also created a whole e-learning system for Faigy, where she was able to upload and update her course, add the content and questions and include diplomas etc. We ensured that the interface was user-friendly and is easy to navigate, as well as adding a CTA once a potential client first enters the site. Aside from this, we had meetings with Faigy regarding her original request for marketing. During these meetings, we’d discuss strategies that she can use in order to present and market her course in an engaging and successful way. 

Since the re-design, Faigy’s clients have increased and she has had very positive feedback; which we have ensured during the design of the website she was able to post to promote her business more. We continue to work with Faigy by managing both her websites, Organise Pro and Focus with Faigy and allow her to continue to use our domain and web hosting.

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Project Details

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