Samadhi, a non-profit organisation, is ran by the same owners of DM Media Solutions, David and Manu. They began this organisation with aims to introduce people to meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and sustainability – helping others integrate these practices into their everyday lives. The co-owners recognised the suffering happening among themselves, their friends and family, and around the world and knew there must be some answers to prevent this. Through Buddha’s teachings they fortunately discovered a way to help.
A website was needed to grow their organisation in order to help as many people as they could. Due to being the owners of DM Media Solutions, they had everything they needed to create a welcoming website.

There was a lot David and Manu wished to include in the website, to ensure people had access to everything they provided if they were unable to attend any retreats or in-person classes – offering a lot of information regarding Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, sustainability, ecology and gardening. They wanted systems where people could access their courses, podcast, online teachings, and have the opportunity to join as a Samadhi Volunteer – with enough information for those who are new to the practices to learn.

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In December 2019 we began our work on the website using WordPress and Elementor. We created a course system that allows customers to purchase an online course and access it by using an implemented eLearning platform – an area for our customers once they’ve become a member to selected a profile photo and have easy access to their courses, previous orders, payments and addresses.
For those who wish to access more specific content, we added a subscription feature where our customers can subscribe for the content and get automatically charged every month – which can be viewed and altered within their personal account. 

The blogs and podcast are very important for the Samadhi website, as they provide extra information aside from the courses for those who wish to learn and have guidance for meditation without signing up for anything. We ensured there was a specific section for both blogs and the podcast so the customers are able to access them online instantly.
David and Manu understand the importance of contact with your customers, especially within this field, so we created a custom plugin for the website where they can easily send custom emails directly from the website to a user – created using PHP, HTML and CSS y JavaScript languages.

The overall appearance of the Samadhi website continues to change as we think of new ideas to include, however sticking to the same themes as the original – using a beautiful orange and white colour scheme which is complemented by the high-quality images of David, Manu, and many volunteers.
The website as a whole has been updated and improved almost monthly since the beginning, as we keep adding new functionalities constantly. Since the beginning Samadhi has been using DM Media Solution’s web hosting and domain services.

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Samadhi's Website

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