Scunthorpe Hot Tubs (now the UK’s largest spa supplier) sells all kinds of spas from 2 person spas to 7 person spas. Founded over 8 years, however, not long ago they found themselves in need of help with their marketing. After viewing one of DM Media Solution’s portfolios, Scunthorpe contacted us and explained their marketing needs. From the initial call, it was obvious to David and Manu that Scunthorpe needed very professional eCommerce and branding to sell their hot tubs, swim spas, accessories, maintenance services, and hot tub gazebo’s.

To turn their marketing into a success we needed their website to have as much information as possible on their spas without it being too overwhelming for their clients. Considering Scunthorpe has over 100 hot tubs to choose from, we had our work cut out for us. We went through each product and wrote enticing descriptions to describe their best characteristics.

From these descriptions, we were able to get a feel for their products and how to best market them. Scunthorpe also takes two forms of payment for their spas, full payment, and deposit. One of their largest forms of business comes from their deposits because many people want to buy now and pay the rest later. At the time of meeting us, they didn’t have an effective online deposit system set up, so we actually created a deposit system for them. The deposit system really helps customers as it allows them to pay a percentage of the product then pay the rest later which brings in a lot more sales.

Not only do Scunthorpe sell hot tubs, but they also have a service where they hire out hot tubs too. When they first came to us they didn’t have a website section for this so we created a section where they could offer their hiring service too. Within the website section, we made a calendar so clients could choose the date and time they wanted to hire out a hot tub. Scunthorpe realized that by using this functional calendar it actually freed up a lot of their time so they could focus their time on the really important parts of their business.

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Another thing Scunthorpe needed some help with was their subscription service. They provide a subscription service for hot tubs maintenance, their packages include a monthly and yearly prescription. We were able to automate the whole subscription process for this package so they did not have to use up so much of their time communicating with clients over email or via the phone. Instead, a client can automatically be charged online for the subscription service saving Scunthorpe the hassle of chasing pending or overdue payments. All of this was very beneficial and saved Suncthorpe Hot Tubs time, energy, and money so that they could get back to the really important things in their businesses that needed the attention.

We decided that for the website Scunthorpe needed something that was professional yet appealing to the eye so we went for a blue-white-black colour scheme with a splash of orange. This colour scheme worked well together and it kind of brought a refreshing look to the website which helped build more of a consistent brand colour scheme. For the more important service options for example ‘add to cart’ or payment buttons we used more orange as this caught the eye of potential clients and also added some impact to the overall look of the website.

When it came to instructions like ‘more information’ or ‘pay here’ the orange proved to be a nice touch and it helped the sales process move much more smoothly. In the time that we have been working with Scunthorpe Hot Tubs, we have always kept a close relationship with them. Currently, we manage virtually all of their online business and maintain several of their websites ensuring they run smoothly and without errors. Scunthorpe Hot Tubs’ end goal is to become the number one hot tub supplier and distributor in the UK.

Through a dedicated team effort and marketing from DM Media Solutions, we have helped them achieve their goal of becoming one of the UK’s number one hot tub seller. From this, they were even able to expand their company and they now have the UK’s biggest hot tub showroom. Scunthorpe has also won other awards including the UK Pool & Spa award ‘Supplier of the year’, the UK Pool & Spa award ‘Energy efficient’ (2 years running), What Pool & Hot Tub Top 30 winner, and more. All of these awards are a great achievement for both Scunthorpe and DM Media Solutions. We’ve helped many more businesses just like Scunthorpe by improving their marketing and scaling their business to new heights, to see more of our success stories click here now.

In addition to this, David and Manu also created hot tub specifications. They carefully wrote each individual product description, created imagery, added benefits, and listed features for every product. Though it was a lot of work, this step could not be overlooked because it gave every product an enticing appearance and made them feel more appealing to hot tub buyers.

One thing David and Manu knew was that a large percentage of buyers would rather pay a deposit and pay the rest later. So David and Manu built a deposit system to take care of all of the deposits. Anyone who wanted to use a payment plan for their hot tub could simply pay the deposit then they would automatically be invoiced for the rest later. Add ons were also created for checkout upsells so things like hot tub handrails and hot tub side tables could be bought. David and Manu knew that without including upsells and cross-sells a lot of potential revenue would be lost, luckily with the level of experience David and Manu had they cleverly included this website feature.

Since building the website from scratch, Bluefish has gone on to successfully sell quite a number of state-of-the-art hot tubs. Bluefish is quickly growing and is on track to reach its overall goal of becoming the biggest hot tub supplier in Wales. Without all of David and Manu’s efforts, marketing skillsets, and market awareness this would not have been possible.

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Scunthorpe Hot Tub's Website

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