Based in South Wales, The Gift Gazebo is a company which sells a variety of personalised and affordable gifts for all occasions. They range from print works, embroidery and engraving; creating memorable gifts for him, her, them, kids and even pets! As a business that focuses on ensuring their customers have top quality products, they decided to treat themselves to a new website from DM Media Solutions to give themselves a polished and professional re-design; allowing their website to reflect their products.

Their original website was created four years prior, which was basic and didn’t stand out among their competitors. The colours chosen were quite bland and white, not complimenting each other in the way they desired. They wanted their website to have a more modern and professional approach, as their product pages weren’t as desirable as they intended. After taking everything that was requested into consideration, we began our working on the perfect gift for their company.

All of our work was done remotely and we decided on using WordPress and Elementor with Woocommerce and a custom code personalisation, which allowed the client to introduce their personal customisation in every product. Ecommerce websites usually follow quite similar themes or layouts which users are familiar with; this creates an optimal experience for every user as they’re more comfortable with the design and find it easier to navigate.

the gift gazebo ipad portfolio

We chose to keep the same colours from the previous website design and make the re-design quite soft and calming, ensuring that its easy on the eyes and still obtains the high-class professionalism desired. As the product pages were one of their concerns, we designed a whole new page which allowed each product to be shown off while keeping it stylish and intriguing. The main concern, however, was how bland the previous website design was. We decided to design an animated logo of a gift box for the company rather than their solid picture; giving the website design more life. 

Since the re-design the traffic has increased up to 238.6% and the SEO position in Google has improved. The use of bigger images, new animations and a new layout has made the website more professional and attractive. It now stands out from the competitors instead of fading into the background, as well as giving off a vibe that can be trusted.

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Project Details

The Gift Gazebo's Previous Website

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