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Working on the Wellis Hot Tub Megastore website was a great task for us, and the good thing was we already were familiar with the Wellis brand and how they were changing the hot tub world. When the Wellis Hot Tub Megastore website owner approached us to make the website, we had already worked on multiple other websites for them. This means that we knew how they worked and what kind of marketing style they liked. In our first meeting, they explained to us that the Wellis brand had asked them if they would like to open up a store of their own in the UK. Since the Wellis Hot Tub Megastore owner was keen on expanding and bringing some of the industry’s best luxury hot tubs to the UK, they agreed.


In terms of the design of the website, we wanted it to look classy yet have a simple and easy-to-use feel to it. We also needed it to be relevant to the Wellis brand so people could tell that this website was associated with the brand. This is why we kept the same logo as the Wellis brand which is a clean white logo with ‘Wellis’ written in large writing. We also added ‘Megastore North East’ underneath it and this writing was also in white. We place this logo in the top left-hand corner of the website so it was clear and visible to see.

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Below this on the homepage, we had an image of a woman and a man toasting while sitting in a hot tub with a relaxing background. This image helped to make people feel as though being in a hot tub was a highly enjoyable experience while also giving off a feeling of calmness and relaxation. On this image, we included some white writing that said ‘Hot Tubs Quality Doesn’t Need To Be Exclusive’ meaning that any customer that gets a Wellis hot tub will get a luxurious hot tub and can enjoy the experience of relaxing in a high-quality hot tub.


Below this we included all of the different hot tub lines that were on offer, it was important that we continued with the theme of having clean, crisp imagery to give the website a more professional look. For each product range, we added an image, then to the right of it, we added the range description in grey writing with a crisp white background. In terms of the products, we decided to keep a white background so that they could stand out even more.

We also included a high-quality image of each product, then underneath we wrote the name of the product in green writing. Below this, we detailed all of the product specifications in grey writing so each specification was clear and concise. The colour of the writing that we used really stood out against the white background and it also doesn’t take the focus off the image of the product. We even added a small grey banner in the top left-hand corner of the most popular products showcasing that they were popular.


Overall, working on the Wellis Hot Tub Megastore website was a great way for us to help our client with their marketing needs. We knew that since we had worked with them before, it was going to be a smoother process as we knew exactly what they were looking for. However, at DM Media Solutions we always want to create the best websites we possibly can and we set a high standard for this one. Once we showed it to the owner, they were thrilled with it and since it was created, it has helped them to make more sales online and continue growing their business.

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