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When we first worked with Wild Water Spas we helped them create a beautiful website because the website that they had didn’t give them the professional look that they wanted. The owner Tom was so happy with how the website turned out that he asked us to create a printed banner that could be used on a billboard and that showcased a glimpse into what kind of offers and hot tubs Wild Water Spas had for their new customers.


Before we started this project, we wanted to get a good idea of what Wild Water Spa wanted their banner to look like so we decided to jump on a call with the owner Tom. On the phone call, we went over the different kinds of themes that we could do for this banner, and because we already had themes from the website and the drafts we had already done, there were quite a few options for the themes that we could’ve used. 


We presented a few different options and gave our opinions on what we thought would work best for the general theme of the banner. Another thing that we needed to discuss was the colours and imagery that we would use for the poster. In the end, we decided to use a mixture of different shades of blue and white. This consisted of a mixture of both dark blue and light blue and it was a prominent part of the overall theme. 

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For the design, we wanted to make it look like there was a wave in the ocean and a clear sky above it to help give the feeling of the hot water in the hot tub. This ocean wave and blue sky design gave the poster a friendly look and also caught the eye of any potential customers. In the top right-hand corner, we also included an image in the corner that showed a couple smiling, with glasses of alcohol and having fun in a beautiful hot tub. Slightly below this we also included an image of a luxury hot tub.


All of these different images were carefully selected to help attract a specific type of customer that Wild Water Spas have had success with in the past. In the top left-hand corner, we had a mixture of blue and dark blue writing that said ‘Wild Water Spas’ and the colours changed from darker blue to lighter blue as a wave ran over the writing. We also had darker blue writing that mentioned that the hot tubs were premium quality and also lighter blue writing that showed the starting price of the hot tubs. 


To the bottom right of the poster, we had a small circle that gave the benefits of the free delivery and lifetime warranty that came with the hot tubs in white writing with a blue background. Then to the side of this, we had the rest of the contact details in white writing including the website address, phone number and location of Wild Water Spas. 


Overall we choose each of the colours and styles of writing because we knew it would help the key features, logo and pricing stand out and draw potential customers in that little bit more. Once we showed Tom the finished product he was thrilled and he was very excited to use it in his promotional campaign on billboards and in other areas too. From a personal point of view, DM Media Solutions found this project to be an exciting one to work and we were also very happy with the work we did.

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