Karina Felix is a Reiki Third Degree Master/Teacher and Crystal Therapy Healer. With over 15 years of experience in practicing healing arts, she focuses on emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. People trust Karina to guide them on a journey which helps them in a variety of ways, whether it’s healing or enlightenment. Karina needed to find someone she trusted to create a website that radiates the same positive and calming energy that she provides in her services. After discovering DM Media Solutions, her journey to her perfect website began.

She approached us by word of mouth and we decided to have the consultation in person, as she was local to us; meaning we could meet several times to have a cup of coffee and discuss her vision for the website. During these meetings we pinpointed the main factors she wanted to include, one of the most important being to have the website both in English and Spanish; as she is a bilingual American living in the South of Spain. Karina also wanted to be able to write blogs in order to share her knowledge with her potential clients and include them on the website, thus improving the SEO of the site. Overall, she required a simple but beautiful website where she could show her services and present herself professionally.

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Although we would continue to have in person meetings, we chose to work remotely on the website, using WordPress and Elementor as it was important for Karina to be able to edit the website herself. We decided on a simple purple and white theme which gives the website a higher-class energy, as well as including high-quality images of the variety of tools, crystals and practices that are used.

We allowed Karina to use our gallery of stock images to include professional images to the website, aside from her own, which she found incredibly useful; as we give access to more than 3 million photos and graphics to our clients when we help design their website. We ensured that the interface ran efficiently so that any potential customers that arrive on the site have a pleasant experience, keeping them interested and engaged; adding a CTA once someone enters the site to allow anyone to contact Karina.

Since the completion of the website, Karina has been managing and updating the website by herself and is using our website hosting and domain. The website loads in 1.4 seconds which is amazing for her business and her latest performance report of the website states 86% in performance and 82% in structure, grading her website a B overall! She has stated that she ‘loves the look and feel of the new website’. However, our journey with Karina didn’t stop there, as we have been working with her in other projects, such as the book she has published alongside her husband.

If you want help to build your growth online and find the right customers for you, then go to our website www.dmmediasolutions.co.uk and book your online strategy session for free! You can also find out more about how else we may be able to help you by contacting us via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or our support chat on our website.

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