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Devils Distillery is a company based in South Wales and run by Lloyd who makes and supplies delicious Vodka. When Devils Distillery first got in touch with DM Media Solutions they were having some trouble with their branding. The previous design that had been made for their Vodka bottle wasn’t quite what Lloyd was looking for so he contacted us to create a new and improved design for him. The design that had previously been used was more of a black background with red and orange writing that said: “Devils” and white horns above it. Below this, was written “Distillery Vodka” in white bold lettering. While the design was relevant to Devils Distillery, it simply didn’t have an overall appealing look to it and there was a lot of room for improvement.

After speaking with Devils Distillery, we started to get an idea of the kind of style that they wanted their vodka bottle to be. It was clear to see that Lloyd was looking for a unique design for his vodka bottle when he told us he wanted it to have a “Day of the dead theme”. While Day of the dead is a unique and different theme, there are still many different styles and colours that needed to be considered. For example, we had to decide whether the design would have more of a dark mysterious look to it, or more of a colourful and vibrant look.

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We began by doing some market research and it quickly became clear that there were many different vodka bottle designs out there. However, a lot of the vodka bottle designs had a dark coloured and edgy look to them. We knew that if the Devils Distillery label was going to be successful it really needed to stand out. So we choose a transparent label design that had a nice vibrant mix of colours. The bottle colour was clear which was great because it helped the design to be even more eye-catching.

At the top of the label, we had “The Devils Distillery” written in light black colouring. This stood out really nicely against the clear bottle. To the sides of the writing and underneath the writing, we had orange and blue illustrated flowers. These flowers had different styles to them, some looked like little leaves and others looked like slightly bigger flowers. The orange and blue colouring along with the flower designs added a beautiful splash of colour to the label and helped the label to gain a lot of attention.

In the centrepiece, we had a white day of the dead woman. She had black marks around her eyes, multi-coloured flowers in her hair with red and blue face paint and red lipstick. With her as the centrepiece, she was very eye-catching and the whole design was based around her. Underneath the woman, we had the word “Vodka” written in dark black bold capital letters which worked really well against the clear bottle.

To the left and right of this lettering, we also had two small white skulls to make the lettering stand out that little bit more. Overall, the finished piece was very vibrant, eye-catching and colourful, especially when it was against the clear bottle. It was sure to catch the eye of potential customers. Lloyd loved the design and gladly used it for Devil Distillery’s vodka bottle and he continues to sell Vodka to his amazing customers today.

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