Wildwaterspas is a Spacare reseller that sells an array of stunning hot tubs and accessories, the owner Tom, has been working hard to make Wildwaterspas a highly successful company. Wilderwaterspas were getting by and they were making some sales, but it wasn’t enough to help the company grow at the rate he would have liked it to grow at. The main reason for this was that Tom wasn’t happy with the marketing company who he previously worked before DM Media Solutions.

The marketing and design agency that he was working with weren’t giving him the results he wanted and after giving them several chances, he decided it was time to move on. So Tom reached out to us multiple times and expressed that he was strongly considering getting help from DM Media Solutions for his marketing. After seeing the results we had provided for other clients, he then made the decision to use DM Media Solution’s services.

The first thing we did was have a thorough conversation with Tom about Wildwaterspas and ask him where he felt the most growth for his company was in terms of marketing. He mentioned that his website was definitely something that needed to be revamped and asked David and Manu if they could fix it for him. Of course, David and Manu were happy to fulfill this request and began to look at his website and draft up ideas.


Once we viewed the website they were using at that time, we were quickly able to spot why their marketing wasn’t working for them. We could tell that the previous website was messy and it did not look very trustworthy. So this lead to us working on our first task which was revamping the website. Most of the work that we completed for Wildwaterspas website marketing was based on keeping the original website structure but making it more appealing and vibrant for website viewers and potential customers

When it came to colouring and layout, the previous website had a lot of white background space and the writing wasn’t overly appealing. It had a bit of a cold feel to it which wasn’t attractive to new customers. We decided to switch things around so the new website had a more warm blue and white theme. On the homepage, we added a blue banner at the top showing a countdown timer for any current sales and what’s included in the sale. We also added blue icons when giving customers options to find out more about Wildwaterspas products. This worked really well against the white background, especially when we corrected the layout of the website so there was proper spacing.

In terms of imagery, we added clear images of the hot tubs with features and benefits listed below them in clear black writing. Again this stood out against the white background and helped to give the items a more professional look to them. We even included little icons such as lorries for fast and free delivery or spanners to show that we offered free accessories with purchases. This was not only a nice little touch that helped to add some life to the website, but it was also a clever way to get potential customers’ attention.

Overall when designing the website we wanted to make the marketing as effective as possible. That way Wildwaterspas could start seeing the success that had been missing previously when it came to getting more traffic, customers and sales. DM Media did have a quick turnaround for this marketing project making the website in just 3 days too, which meant that the website was able to be up and running in no time.

Project Details

WildWaterSpa's Website

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