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Coops & Hutches

Working on the Coops and Hutches website was a great experience and it gave us a lot of opportunities to help them with many aspects of their marketing. The owner of Coops and Hutches had another business that we did marketing for which is why they approached us again to work on the Coops and Hutches website. When we first discussed working with them we knew that we could help them with their website as it wasn’t at its full potential. The wide range of products and the knowledge they had about their customers gave us a lot of ideas. Since they already liked some of our other marketing we wanted to make Coops and Hutches also look amazing.


For the website, we decided to keep it simple so that it was easy to use for all website visitors however we also wanted to keep it informative. This is why we included multiple website features and sections to make it simple and clear for website visitors. For example, one of the things we added was a FAQ section so any questions or concerns customers had were already answered for them without them having to ask. Another section we added was an ‘about us’ section which talks about who Coops and Hutches are, what they offer, and how they can help their customers.


Aside from the about us page, we also worked on a new logo for Coops and Hutches, we wanted something that was simple yet eye-catching and it had to be rabbit and chicken-themed. The final product was a brown rabbit on the left and a yellow chicken on the right both facing away from each other. Below this, we had ‘Coops & Hutches’ written, the word ’Coops’ was in yellow and the word ‘Hutches’ was in brown. This created a nice contrast as the yellow and brown coloured words were on opposite sides to the coloured images.


This yellow and brown theme looked great against the white background plus the owners of Coops and Hutches loved it, so we decided to use this colour theme throughout the whole website. At the top of the home page, we created a banner which could be used to market promotions. We made the banner yellow with white writing detailing what the current promotion was and a brown countdown clock to make customers feel more compelled to make a purchase. This really caught the attention of new customers without coming off as overly salesy. For the main areas and other pages on the website, we went for more of a white background to help the writing and imagery stand out even more.


For the products, we used bright imagery showing what the product was. This helped to make them more appealing as they stood out against the white background, underneath it we included the specifications that were written in a light black colour. On the home page, we also had moving images that changed every few seconds, these images were of the different products Coops and Hutches sold along with the pictures of different animals including rabbits and chickens. There is also an ‘explore range’ button on these images that takes you to the appropriate range.


Overall, creating the Coops and Hutches website was a great project to work on and the difference that DM Media made on the website helped it to look much more professional. The colour themes and layout made it attractive to any new website viewers that came along. When we showed the website and logo to Coops and Hutches they were pleased with it and they could see that it made a massive difference to their marketing. Today, we continue to work with Coops and Hutches and assist them with any marketing needs they may have.

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