Grimsby hot tub hire & sales are a local, family-run business based in Grimsby in Lincolnshire, in the East Midlands. Grimsby hot tubs pride themselves on providing amazing hot tubs for their clients. Since they first started they have gone on to partner with some of the biggest hot tub suppliers in the UK and now supply hot tub brands such as Vita, Oasis, and Wellis.

When Grimsby first got in touch with DM Media Solutions their goal was to create a website that could not only showcase their best products but also was smooth and reliable for website users. At the time of speaking with Grimbsy hot tub, we could tell that they could massively benefit from the online marketing skills and experience we offered. The reason for this is that they had such great products already, they just needed to know how to market them.

One of the things that we decided on for the website was to stick with the Grimsby colour theme of blue-white-grey. Grimsby’s website has a refreshing look to it so these colours were clean yet also looked professional and trustworthy. Grimsby also had a payment plan to allow clients to make a deposit payment then pay the rest off later. DM Media was in a position to build that for them so the full deposit system was created. This included the online website layout of the deposit system all the way to the backend website content that needed to be created for this.

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Also, Grimsby offered a hiring service for the hot tubs which meant that clients could hire a hot tub for a certain period of time instead of paying the full price for a hot tub. This was a popular service however it wasn’t properly marketed online so this meant they were potentially losing clients from this.

We saw that this was one of their areas for business growth and decided that it would be beneficial if we created a section on the website where clients could choose to hire out this service. And because Grimsby hire out this service externally it meant that people who wanted to hire a hot tub didn’t need to book a date and time from a calendar. Instead, they could simply fill out a straightforward contact form. This contact form was custom designed by DM Media specifically for Grimsby hot tubs including all of the backend links and website data. Today we continue to work with Grimsby hot tubs and they continue to be a successful website.

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Grimsby hot tub's Website

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