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When the Outdoor Entertainment Company first approached us to create some marketing content for them, they said that they needed a new website. They mentioned that they had previously had a website made however they wanted to be redesigned. It was important to us that we knew what kind of new website design they had in mind so we could keep the design authentic and congruent with their brand so we decided to have an informal online conversation regarding this.

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They explained that they wanted their website to have a professional look but also made it easy to use and inviting for new customers who are visiting the website. For this, we decided to brainstorm so that we could come up with the best strategy for making this happen. There were a few different strategies that we came up with for this, one was to focus on the colour theme, another was to focus on the layout of the website and then we wanted to focus on content and products.


For the website’s colour theme, we decided a simple white, dark blue, and yellow colour theme was best. This was a great match as all of these colours went well and compliment each other however they were still eye-catching for customers. For the logo, we had a blue background in a circular shape along with an image of a yellow palm tree with a hot tub beside it. This was the main eye-catching imagery that we used in the logo and it worked well. Below this we added ‘The Outdoor Entertainment Company’ in yellow and white writing, again this stood out well against the blue background.

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We also had a white background for the majority of the website to keep it clean and professional. In the opening of the website, we had a background image of a man and woman laughing while relaxing in a hot tub with a slight blue colour to it. This went well with the logo. We also included a yellow ‘explore our range’ button below this. We also used yellow for the contact information such as The Outdoor Entertainment Company’s phone number and the links to their social media pages.


One other area which we focused on was the products as we knew this was a key focus of the website and they had to look great to make website viewers want to buy. Since there were many garden products including gazebos, barbecues, swim spas and hot tubs we need to keep a consistent theme. So we decided that the best thing to do was to include a high-quality image of each product then below it the name of the product, the price, and the specifications in blue writing. We also added a blue ‘view product’ button that gave them more information on the product.


This imagery and coloured writing really helped to give the product more of an attention-grabbing look to it while still showcasing the best benefits and features of the product. Overall, working on The Outdoor Entertainment Company’s website was a great experience and we were able to redesign their website to give them the website that they wanted. The layout and colours that we used helped to give the website a refreshing look and kept it professional but at the same time appealing to customers. The owners of The Outdoor Entertainment Company liked the design and they were very happy with the website.

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