Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

There’s a saying that the best things in life are free. But for web hosting, this might not be always applicable. 
If you’ve started building your website and wanted to know what web hosting is all about, including the benefits and services you can receive from having one, then free web hosting is open to you.

Curious whether free web hosting is for you? Not sure if you should get paid hosting? 
This article will answer your curiosity. 
Here are some of the benefits and limitations of having free web hosting.


1 ) Free
The biggest advantage of free web hosting is you don’t need to pay to get hosted. This is beneficial for those who wanted to learn how web hosting works or wanted to test scripts without having to shell out a huge amount of money. It is also great for learning how to set up and self-host websites, blogs, and other applications.

2 ) No strings attached
Another advantage of free web hosting is you are not under contract. Meaning, you are not tied up for a specific period. You can use the free web hosting service for as long as you want and terminate it anytime.


1 ) Not ads-free
One of the reasons why hosting companies can offer free hosting is because these services are ad-supported. These ads will not profit you in any way, any clicks on the ads being shown on your website will all go to the web hosting provider. Since they are earning from ads, expect to have tons of advertisements for your free web hosting. 

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2 ) Limited bandwidth
Getting free web hosting comes with limited bandwidth and slow data transfer. The amount of bandwidth you have affects how fast your website loads. If your website has videos, audio, and animation, then you will need a bigger bandwidth for visitors to access your site quickly. Bandwidth determines the number of visitors allowed on your website every month. If you go beyond the allotted bandwidth, web hosting services will be terminated by the servers which force an upgrade to a paid website hosting to increase bandwidth and increase the data transfer rate.

3 ) Security issue
Keeping the information that goes through your website secure is vital due to security breaches that occur every day. If you want to lessen the chance of your website being hacked and information being leaked, the first step is finding a reliable website hosting service. Free web hosting does not come with security protection and firewalls which is a huge threat to website security. 

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4 ) Limited features
If you are looking to share your website contents on different social media platforms directly from your site and looking for SEO features, website backups, analytics, and other e-commerce tools, then free web hosting might not be suitable for you. As with any other unpaid services, free web hosting comes with limited useful features.

5 ) Shared branding
With free web hosting, you share branding with everyone else who uses the unpaid web hosting service. Not having your own domain makes it difficult to market your brand. If your goal is to have unique branding, getting a paid hosting is the first step.

6 ) Lack of or no customer support
Websites sometimes go through technical glitches. With free web hosting, you can’t expect someone to help you when your website is down and not functional. Getting paid website hosting can afford to give you 24/7 customer support that makes managing your website easier.

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