A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

Setting up a business in the digital era has its challenges, and not least because of the tight competition between brands online. One of the reasons for this is how easy it is to access the online world and utilise social media for your marketing efforts. 

Have you ever wondered why successful companies are running online campaigns all across social media and why they are working hard to build and maintain their online presence? This is all about increasing exposure and revenue. But, more importantly, before you can even close a sale, you need quality leads.

By definition, a lead is “anyone who expresses interest in a product or service.” These individuals are the people who are interested enough that they will voluntarily part with their personal details like name and contact number. The process by which we look for leads is known as lead generation.

The Lead Generation Process

1. Attracting potential leads

Behind most lead generation processes is a website that attracts visitors. On this website, you should have some really enticing content that is valuable to your target audience (such as an ebook, a PDF, or a video course) that is locked behind a simple form requesting their name, email, and anything else that’s important to you such as a phone number.

Attracting Potential Leads Dm Media Solutions

2 . Get their personal details

Now your website is getting noticed, the next step is to convince these potential leads to submit their details in exchange for your valuable content. You can value-stack your offer by adding additional free resources, exclusive content, promotion codes, or exclusive Facebook groups, which they only get access to by filling out your online form.

3. Nurture the leads

After receiving the details from your leads, you are one step closer to making a sale. If your leads are not ready to purchase yet (most won’t be), then it’s time to nurture them until they trust you, understand the value you can provide them, and are ready to make a purchase. Here you need to regularly send them emails providing value, product information, promo codes, and compelling marketing copy which encourages them to try your products. 

Nurture Your Leads. Dm Media Solutions

4. Convert leads into sales

As soon as your leads are ready to place an order, direct them to the right landing page. Make sure they have a smooth experience, especially for first-time buyers otherwise you might notice a drop-off as people run the other way. 

5. After-sales processes

The legwork does not stop when you have successful conversions. Now, we nurture loyalty and referrals. The goal is to earn repeat sales and referrals. One of the best ways can be by making an after-sales call to ensure that the customers have had a wonderful experience, their needs have been met, and you’re able to help direct them to other products and services. 

After Sales Process

Types of Leads

Leads can also be categorised into two types:

1 . Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

These are the leads that were generated through your various marketing efforts. These leads match your key demographics, interests and behaviours, and are more likely to convert than other potential customers who do not meet your target demographic. These individuals have shown interest in your products but are not yet ready to receive a sales call. This is where the nurturing part comes in. It’s similar to watering a plant until it starts to bloom. Marketing Qualified Leads have a high chance of conversion if their needs have been taken care of and queries have been answered.

2 . Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

When we talk of sales qualified leads, these are your soon to be customers. These are the leads that are ready to buy your products. Most of them are Marketing Qualified Leads that you have nurtured over time, but some can be new leads that have decided to purchase immediately without having to go through the nurturing stage.

Where to find leads

Ever wondered what marketing channels you should use to get a steady stream of leads? We have rounded up some of the most common channels that you can utilise for lead generation.

1 . Social media

Depending on your business model utilising social media marketing is likely to  be one of the most effective ways to generate more leads for your business. Which social media platform depends on your niche, whether you’re B2B or B2C. Highly targeted and relevant content is a great way to engage a cold audience with your brand, offers, and entice them to hand over their details in exchange for valuable content.

2. Landing page

Creating an effective landing page that attracts organic traffic and aims to convert visitors into leads is more efficient than putting everything on your homepage. This is because your main page has a different purpose and numerous calls to action. For example, some are intended for sharing information, learning more about your business, and not for getting customer information.

Landing Page Dm Media Solutions

3. Paid Ads

After creating a stand-alone landing page, work on getting visitors by using ads across social media platforms, search engines and other partner networks. Ads can be customised according to age, gender, location, interest, and other criteria so you can really nail down your target audience and put your information in front of the right people. 

4. Webinars

Hosting an online event like a free webinar can easily attract customers. Think of a topic that would appeal to your target market and plan for a webinar where attendees are required to key in their details to access the event.

Webinars Dm Media Solutions

5. Free Trial

One of the most effective ways to introduce a product or service is to let customers have a feel for it for nothing. For services, you can offer a free trial for a few weeks or a month. For tangible products, you can send free samples for them to check the quality. If they see that your brand offers value to them, it would be easier for them to buy your products or services. You could also automatically enrol them onto a paid subscription following their trial. 

6. Referrals

Nothing is more authentic than an existing client saying good things about your brand. You can get positive testimonials from satisfied customers and even ask for referrals, and offer an incentive for it. If customers have a positive experience with your brand, they will tell everyone how impressive your brand is and how valuable it is. Word of mouth is one of the most effective types of marketing, and the leads are free!

Referral Dm Media Solutions

Do you feel that you are not getting enough leads to sustain your business, or you’ve tried to generate leads but they’re poor quality? Or this whole process is just really confusing and you’re not sure where to start. You are not alone. DM Media Solutions has got your back. Let us share with you our expertise and help you generate high-quality leads that really convert! 

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